About The School

The awakening and restoration of the Brotherhood


Presented by Rama Qu’eshaan Raphael and the Family of Light, guided by spiritual emissaries from the Ascended, Universal, and Archangelic Realms, and assisted by Mentors of the Divine University. Rama is an Australia-based international teacher with 33 years experience facilitating men’s groups and retreats. He has mentored and initiated numerous men and adolescent boys in his professional roles as psychotherapist, relationship counsellor and school counsellor. He brings eldership, compassion and wisdom to his work, which is deeply dedicated to the restoration and expansion of the Sacred Masculine.

We invite you to join the Diamond Light Pod of 44 courageous Men who are deeply committed to our Soul growth, to the illumination of the Heart, and to a deeper alignment with our higher purpose on Earth.


  • You will find …. renewed passion, peace, power and purpose in your life, and your ability to share your gifts with the world, walking the path of the Sacred Masculine


  • You will experience …. accelerated spiritual growth and profound healing in your emotional, mental, and physical bodies and sexual energy.


  • You will discover …. true liberty and freedom, as you come to know the truth, the love, the wisdom and the vastness of your Soul


  • You will trust …. your strength and power to manifest your highest visions for your life, guided by the accuracy of your intuition and the wisdom of your Heart



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School of the Sacred Masculine


Through the guidance of a group of Enlightened Ones, 

Rama Raphael has been called to create a Divine School to assist in the accelerated spiritual growth of a group of Men who hear their Heart’s calling to respond to a deeper level of personal healing in all areas of their Earthly life, a much greater expansion of consciousness into Higher Dimensions of Light, an alignment to the embodiment of a Divine Father Emissary, and the restoration of the Sacred Brotherhood in service to humanity and the Earth.


Our work is both personal and planetary: as we awaken to our spiritual lineage and embark on the journey of reclaiming, liberating, and integrating aspects of our Soul path, we experience true freedom in the unshakeable knowing of the Infinite nature of our Being. This liberation allows us to live a truly Heart-centred life on Earth, as we gather and disseminate greater levels of love, wisdom, and power, and we share these gifts with our loved ones, our communities, and the Family of Humanity.


As our personal liberation adds to the proportion of Light on our sacred Mother Earth, we are called to a deeper braiding with the Heart of the Earth, and her wisdom guides us into a greater understanding of our Higher Purpose this lifetime. The dissolving of the illusion of separation brings us to our eternal connection to our Higher Selves and Divine Presence, and this gives us further guidance of our unique role of service to the Earth mission … in all areas of human endeavour …. environmental, technological, political, economic, lawmaking, parenting, education, healing, the arts …. as we build our new Civilization of Light together, joined as Sisters and Brothers of the One Light.


Through a progression of Light Wisdom teachings, live webinars, specialty Master Classes, personal healing sessions, meetings with your Mumara (your group leader and guide), and participation in an online Forum, you will be deeply … and compassionately …. recognised, stretched, nourished, supported, and encouraged by your teachers and all your brothers in the Diamond Light Pod of 44, as we build the power of the Group Heart.


No matter where you are on your life’s journey – whether you have done much inner work – meditation, prayer, counselling, bodywork, groupwork, sacred journeys – or you have done none at all, but simply feel a deep yearning in your Heart to know more of the truth of your Being, you will be welcomed and you will find your place within the School.




  • How to take command of your personal growth, to take great leaps of love and faith into the authenticity and power of your Soul expression, to live a fearless life as a true Warrior of Light, an Emissary of the Heart who gifts and inspires all those you encounter.

  • The keys to powerful meditations, activations, and initiations which unlock your capacity to remember your unique connection to Source/Creator/All That Is/Great Spirit, the vastness of your multi-dimensional nature. To travel with the passport of your Open Heart on grand adventures in the universe and to travel deeply in communion and service with the Earth and all life here.

  • The techniques to receive your unique Ascension Pathway, so that all the Soul learnings you have experienced across many lifetimes can be balanced and integrated, and you can traverse timelines to manifest a miraculous life here, sharing your gifts, love and wisdom.

  • The keys to mastery of the Holy Temple of your physical body, mastery of the oceanic flow of your emotional body, and mastery and illumination of your mental body, your mind. This extends into mastery of relationships – intimacy and Sacred Sexuality, parenting, family, friendship, work collaboration – greatly assisted by the daily, practical application of ethics, virtues, and universal laws.

  • The power of Light Language, mantra, and sound. Light Language is a sacred vehicle of communication that bypasses the mind, enters the Heart and opens a connection with the Earth, the Universe and all Beings. It is easily learnt, or more accurately, remembered, and is a potent tool for accessing higher dimensions of love, wisdom and guidance.

  • The creation of a Group Heart of the true Brotherhood of Light, fully embodied on Earth. As you braid more deeply with your Higher Selves and Divine Presence, and you reclaim the truth of your spiritual lineage, you will experience the restoration of the Sacred Masculine within your Being, as Divine Father energy flows through you, harmoniously balanced with Divine Mother energies.  When we share this with our Brothers in the School, we become a powerful, bonded, wise and Heart-centered force for good in the world.




  • A set of the Jeshua Codes of the Lunar Christed Masculine, created by Kaliana Raphael Rose.        (hard copies of 18 codes and manual)

  • 13 monthly recordings and transcripts, transmitted by Rama from the Realms of Light.

  • 13 monthly live webinars, transmitted by 3 members of the Training Team (one Woman, one Man, and Rama), which include space for questions and answers. You will receive recordings of these webinars.

  • 7 live Mastery Classes (one every 6 weeks) transmitted by one Man from the Training Team and Rama. You will receive recordings of these classes.

  • A personal healing session, once a month, with your Mumara, who will personally guide you through the entire School.

  • A monthly Zoom meeting with your Mumara, who will facilitate the meeting with your pod of 8 or 9 men.

  • Participation in an online Forum, where you will post your growthwork and communications, to facilitate your Soul evolution and contribute to the building of the Group Heart and Group Mind.




  • A 10-day residential Retreat over the Spring Equinox, September 2021 at the Elohim Gateway in Rosebank, Northern New South Wales, Australia. The Retreat will be a culmination of all that you have experienced and learnt in the School, and will include powerful meditations, transmissions, activations, initiations and Sacred Shamanic journeys, in addition to a physical journey to Mount Wolumbin, ocean, lake and Aboriginal initiation ring. The Retreat will be led by Rama, assisted by all members of the Men’s Training Team.