Rose of Raphael

Workshop Length:
1 or 2 Day  Facilitator: Rama Raphael


Deep within the heart of every man is hidden a seed of wholeness, a spark of radiant love, a blueprint of ancient wisdom, and a knowing of the magnanimous wielding of true power.

These gifts and expressions of the Sacred Masculine exist beyond familial, cultural, and religious imprinting: beyond our earthly origins arises a celestial heritage of a masculine energy so rich and expansive that it serves as an inspiration for the ways of being and acting as men on our planet.

Men need the healing and affirmation of other men.

In this workshop in a safe and sacred space, we will be illuminating primary issues for men…..issues of life purpose, relationships, sexuality, addiction and most importantly ….our spiritual life.

We will explore and heal experiences , attitudes and imprints where distortion has occurred, and bring ourselves into alignment with our deepest and most authentic values and yearnings.

Utilising processes of forgiveness, remembrance and celebration we aim for liberation into deep peace, authentic power, connectedness and great love.


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