Rose of Raphael

Length: Weekend (2 Day)   Facilitator: Kaliana Rose


Kaliana, with the loving assistance of the Ascended Masters and her own God Presence - Higher Self, has drawn a series of energy pattern codes that contain the original light encodements for the restoration and evolvement of the DNA structure of the endocrine glands and their hormones.

These codes are Galactic incarnational patterns encoded with the original data of the DNA. Their function is to restore the endocrine system to its true spiritual purpose, which is to be a carrier of light encodements into the physical body. From these patterns she has made vibrational essences.

This one or two day course is for practitioners who would like to incorporate the "Rose of Raphael" DNA cards and remedies into their own work. It is also available for those who want to learn about these essences to use for their own healing and for family and friends in a non -professional setting.

This course focuses on the role of vibrational essences in the restoration, repatterning and activation of the DNA codings within the endocrine and hormonal system. It is important that this system is balanced as the endocrine glands secrete hormones that affect both the physical and emotional aspects of our being.

This course covers the subjects of:

  • The connection between the DNA strands, the 12 main chakras, the endocrine glands, hormonal secretions, and their role in healing.
  • The glands, their hormones, their practical bodily function as well as their true spiritual purpose.
  • How to heal and balance this system using essences and sound, to release unconscious behaviour.

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