Rose of Raphael

Length = 2 Day (Weekend)   Facilitator: Kaliana



Come and join us for a magical and healing journey that supports you to:

  • Experience deep nurturing when women gather in Sacred Circle to heal and share together.
  • Receive Sacred Feminine Wisdom Teachings
  • Heal the precious link between your sexuality and spirituality
  • Embody the wisdom and full power of your creativity.

During the weekend you will experience the healing support of vibrational essences and sacred songs to balance the chakras. 

On Saturday:
Through the Grace of the Divine Mother we embrace and heal all expressions of our sisterhood, with our mothers, other women, the Mother Goddess and within ourselves.

On Sunday:
Through the Grace of the Divine Father our masculine receives healing as we hand back the emotional wounds that the feminine took on from a masculine disconnected from its feelings.


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