Rose of Raphael

Length = 3 weekends (6 days in total)

Open to Men and Women


T his course which is presented over 3 weekends is for practitioners who would like to incorporate the "Rose of Raphael" remedies into their own work. It is also available for those who want to learn about these essences to use for their own healing and for family and friends in a non -professional setting.

This course will cover the subjects of :

  • Creating sacred space
  • Tuning in to the devic/angelic realms and making of essences.
  • The use of the Rose of Raphael energy pattern cards and essences.
  • Working with individual clients and group facilitation.
  • Singing the body with mantras from the Language of Light, which balance the 12 chakras.
  • Healing the emotional body using the remedies, energy patterns, breath sound and movement.
  • How personal healing can extend into Earth healing.
  • Opening to intuitive gifts in healing and remembering soul purpose.

This course is also experiential, incorporating an experience of how flower essences and gem elixirs can assist in personal as well as group process. This can bring healing grace into your own life as well as those with whom you share these skills.

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