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Magdalene Code Journey - Audio Course

Magdalene Code Journey - The Wisom of the Sophia


We welcome you to join us for this special healing event


The purpose of this Magdalene Code Journey is for both personal and planetary healing. Participants are offered the opportunity to receive the personal healing offered and to also embody the Magdalene Codes and their dispensations.


Once the journey is complete over 13 weeks and the codes grounded and offered to Mother Earth to support and nurture her Christening this opens a portal of Christ consciousness which continues to offer these blessings to you and the land and communities where you live.  Having completed the journey, you also become a living embodiment of these codes and can radiate their blessings wherever you walk. You can also continue to offer prayers for your family and community to be blessed by the Christed Feminine and Christ families through the portal you have anchored.

Magdalene Code Journey - Audio Course

  • Audio Files (Recordings of 13 x 2 hour Webinars):

    • On Payment you will be sent a link to download the course manual & first 6 recordings
    • Due to file size limitations we will email you a link to download the remaining Audio Files.


    We will send you a package containing: 

    • The 22 Magdalene Codes and Manual
    • The Christ Heart of Compassion Code

     (postage is included)

    * Note if you already have the Magdalene codes and manual please select this product instead.

  • Evelyne (Geneva Switzerland)

    Dear Kaliana, your words are just what I needed for support my soul to push forward on the journey to oneness. Thank you. These 13 webinars were a rendezvous of such a beautiful sharing. I feel so much gratitude to the commitment with your heart I felt so strongly in every Session. Thank you for your présences.Today I would say that the Magdalena code brought me back into my vibration to Yeshua and that both of you, Rama and you, are like spiritual parents - grand-parents for me who support the ongoing of a more lovely and kind World together,
    spreading unity on Earth. Bonjour Kaliana. With Love and gratitude for your support and your work.


    Lihyan  (NSW Australia)

    Kaliana so grateful to have meet you and Rama. Thank you for your transmission and your great work in anchoring heavenly light on earth.  May you continued to shine the love of God and be showered by the love of God.


    Annita (NSW Australia)

    Dearest Kaliana,   My deepest thanks, gratitude and respect to you, for bringing to us and facilitating the Mary Magdalene Codes. Such a profound and insightful journey of healing all parts, of my emotional, spiritual and physical bodies, through the chakras and endocrine system, through this and other time lines. These powerful codes honour both the Feminine and Masculine and are made available to both male and female, the brave and courageous of us ready to do and BE, what is required by us, for this time in humanity. Very grateful to you and your beautiful voice Kaliana. I was often transported somewhere else. Love and blessings to you all .


    Gilles (Geneva Switzerland) Sending you much Love and Gratitude for all the energies and codes you are anchoring and offering through your beautiful being! I know the depth and power of what we received through you will blossom and expand inexorably
    in a way I am not aware of! Thank you for playing your role in such a wonderful manner, shining your light and helping us to radiate ours!

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