Rose of Raphael

Combination Essence - Bao Mai


The Bao Mai is the channel/vessel, which connects our essential two hearts: one in the Heart 4th chakra, the Heart, and one in the Sacral 2nd chakra. Stress and emotional upheavals are both the cause and effect of a blockage in the Bao Mai.

This combination of 26 vibrational essences work together to offer healing for the effects of a Bao Mai blockage:

  • feelings of disconnection from Spirit/Divine Source, self, and others
  • shock, emotional pain and numbness in the sexual and emotional centre
  • a loss of knowing of your own wholeness, causing co-dependency in relationships
  • unresolved emotional residue and feelings of betrayal and abandonment
  • disappointment in self or others 
  • inability to connect sexually and lovingly
  • disconnection from creativity

This combination of essences are beneficial in:

  • assisting both men and women to restore their heart connection to their creative womb centre, bringing support to reconnect to the Heart of Love.
  • bringing spiritual comfort, assistance and healing for unresolved issues of separation from Self and Divine Source

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