With Rama Raphael
The School of the Sacred Masculine is a branch of the Divine University and is dedicated to the awakening, healing, initiation and empowerment of the Men of The Earth. The School is a call from my heart to the hearts of all men, in service to humanity and to the Earth.

The time has come for the restoration and expansion of the Sacred Masculine, and theliberation of men – and women – from the bondages of the distorted masculine. The teachings of the school aim to restore the truth of our Being… that we are ancient, vast, multi-dimensional beings of Love, Light and Power, gifted with compassion, wisdom, integrity, strength, honour, and creativity.
As each man becomes aligned, through his heart, with his soul’s purpose and mission, he brings his unique gifts to the upliftment of humanity as we prepare, with the earth, to take our place in the companionship of the Higher Light Civilisations. In this mission we are inspired, supported and guided by the Family of Light and the Angelic Realms.


  • Deeper connection to the Higher Self or Presence.

  • Healing of attachments in the physical, mental, emotional and sexual bodies.

  • The 18 Codes of the Sacred Masculine.

  • The activation of the Ancient Father Circle of Spiritual Elders.

  • Initiation into the mysteries of the Sacred Masculine.

  • The Sacred Union of the Feminine and Masculine.

  • Initiation into the Heart of the Earth.

  • Expansion of the network of the Brotherhood of Light.

‘Deep within the heart of every man is hidden a seed of wholeness, a spark of radiant love, a blueprint of ancient wisdom, and a knowing of the magnanimous wielding of true power.

These gifts and expressions of the Sacred Masculine exist beyond familial, cultural, and religious imprinting. Beyond our earthly origins arises a celestial heritage of a Sacred Masculine, so rich and expansive, that it serves as an inspiration for the ways of being and acting as men on our planet.’

© Rama Raphael

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