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What is Vibrational Healing

Vibrational essences made from flowers and gems have been used for healing since ancient times, to restore wholeness and balance and are once again gaining respect for the assistance they offer in addressing emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

The wonderful work of Doctor Edward Bach has done much to assist in their renewed recognition and use. His work laid a foundation for all the essences that are being made now to meet the evolving needs of humanity in these amazing times of transformation we live in.

The Rose of Raphael essences can shift energy blockages that hold unresolved trauma bringing emotions to the surface in order to transform and heal. These blockages can cause stress and disease in your life. As the healing occurs you can create new possibilities in your life, so be gentle and patient with yourself and allow the feelings to surface and heal as you embrace all aspects of yourself into wholeness.

The healing properties of the essences are perfectly safe with no harmful side effects; they are self-adjusting and only what is needed will be absorbed by the individual taking them. They can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities.

Essences assist the mind, soul and spirit to heal negative beliefs, emotions and states of mind, stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself. Vibrational essences can play an important role in the evolvement of the DNA structure as they hold blueprints of wholeness. By taking the essences or using the energy pattern you can begin to align to this blueprint from within.

The healing properties of the essences work on a deep cellular level affecting the whole individual, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through a connection to your Higher Self and life purpose they assist in healing the underlying emotional issues that block the flow of your life. 

The Liquid Remedies


The flower remedies have been made primarily from flowers growing in the Bellinger and Thora valley district, Byron Bay and Mullumbimby districts of NSW Australia. Some are native and some have been brought here from other Countries, bringing the genetic imprint from other cultures and supporting a harmonious adaptation to this land. The gem elixirs are made from crystals & gems chosen for their unique healing properties. Both the flower essences and gem elixirs are made as a meditation in nature. 

This is an alchemic process, the flower or crystal being placed in pure spring water and energised by the sun and their energy pattern drawing. The remedies are later preserved in Australian brandy. Several remedies can be put together in the one dosage bottle.

The Energy Pattern Cards   


Codes are the means by which the cosmic energy expresses itself in this dimension. Each vibrational remedy has its own energy pattern code which codes depict the colour coding and energy vibration of the flower, crystal, endocrine gland or hormone. The patterns are drawn simply in order to bypass the mental process, appealing to the feeling level of the soul and inner child.


The codes serve two purposes: you can choose your own remedy from the codes or the codes themselves can also be used independently of the essences for healing.

Once you have intuitively chosen one or more codes you can either meditate on them or place them intuitively on your body and breathe their healing vibration into your auric field. You can use the CD of mantras to assist this process. 

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