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Workshop: Sacred Union

Rama & Kaliana talk about this workshop

Workshop Length: 1 day or weekend

Open to: Couples & Individuals

Facilitators: Kaliana & Rama

Kaliana and Rama, have been loving, healing and evolving together since 1987. They embody and transmit the energy of Sacred Relationship within the heart of compassion. In this workshop they present the practical and spiritual wisdom gained from their own relationship journey, to bring you an enriching journey that celebrates the sacred dance of male and female.

You are invited to share with us the energy of this deep and enriching journey that supports and celebrates sacred union. Experience our unique approach to Sacred Union… a combination of guided meditations, transmissions from the Family of Light AND dynamic processes involving movement and sound to liberate the emotions, body, soul and spirit. These processes pave the way for deep, intimate and loving relationships with yourself and others, activating you to manifest and create loving, life affirming energy in your relationships.

  • COUPLES: Deepen and revitalize your existing relationship.

  • SINGLES: Receive support to manifest a sacred relationship in your life.

  • RECEIVE: practical and spiritual tools which lift and transform past hurts, freeing you to once again see yourself and others with the eyes of love.

  • ASSIST: the Grids of Light to anchor on the Earth through our group processes of planetary healing…. The manifestation of ‘Heaven on Earth’ through male/female balance and loving union.

  • RECEIVE: Sacred Codes, which offer you, support to awaken and activate the sacred union of your masculine and feminine energy.

  • DEEPEN your capacity to love through healing and restoring to sacredness, the inner and outer relationship dynamic between the masculine and feminine.

Relationships provide a profound crucible that deepens your capacity to love, to heal the split between men and women. Your outer relationships are a mirror of the internal dynamic that exists within your masculine and feminine energy body. Seeing your partner as a reflection of yourself, you are supported to transform and heal your own inner dynamic.

The Sacred Union Seminar holds the deepest trust, safety and compassion and respect, to support your soul’s evolution, wellbeing and longing to experience your inner union. It activates the remembrance of your vast multidimensional and infinitely loving selves, and your Soul mission here, and particularly a knowing of our relationship mission here, which is to activate the highest possible consciousness in the intimate love between two people in its human and divine form.

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