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About Our Workshops

Kaliana and Rama are both highly skilled and experienced facilitators and Spiritual Teachers of the Divine University and Sirius Library, teaching nationally and internationally. We are a twin flame couple… loving, healing and evolving together since 1987.. Sourcing from the heart of compassion we combine the depth of our experience to embody and transmit practical and sacred relationship wisdom.  Together with the Family of Light, we create a loving heartfelt portal, a sacred temple, a place of safety where you are held and filled with the frequency of loving compassion, Divine Love and gifted Sacred dispensations to support the ignition of your inner and outer union.

Our groups supports powerful transformation and healing, creating room for expansion in your life, allowing new doors to open. This encourages you to make life-changing choices, which align you to your true spiritual purpose. As you connect to the inner wisdom of your true self you are filled with healing grace, which flows into your life, and blesses all others that you connect with. Experience a sacred and safe place to let go deeply into yourself… with no pressure, participants are empowered to surrender to the healing journey at their own pace.

Together Kaliana & Rama facilitate one-day and weekend ‘Sacred Union’ workshops. We bring to our events a wealth of experience, utilising our skills, insight and compassion to give participants the flexibility and freedom to delve into places within themselves that may have been long forgotten…. in order to liberate themselves to be in the present moment rather than being influenced by unresolved energy from the past.

Kaliana also offers workshops on Vibrational Healing ~ Women’s Initiation Circles ~ DNA Repatterning of the Chakras, Endocrine Glands and Hormones. She has facilitated Women’s Circles both nationally and internationally for 30 years and has come through many initiations of the feminine in her own life as wife, mother and grandmother.  Her gentle and compassionate acceptance of life, relationships and individuals shine through her work. Through the use of her Rose of Raphael vibrational essences, Angelic attunements, heart songs in the Universal Language of Light, inner child work and emotional release, a connection with the Healing Grace of the Divine Feminine, Sacred Sisterhoods of Light occurs.


Rama also offers workshops for men, ‘The Way of the Sacred Man’. He has facilitated  Men’s Circles both nationally and internationally for over 30 years. His experience, eldership, insight, wisdom and compassion shine through in his work, which is deeply dedicated to the restoration and expansion of the sacred masculine. He supports men to come into alignment with their Soul Purpose, and to unlock the deeper resonance and integrity of the Heart, which opens the gateway to the Higher Realms of Life and our unique connection to Source.

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