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Workshop: Sacred Intimacy

Workshop Length: 1 day or weekend   Open to: Couples & Individuals   Facilitators: Kaliana & Rama


In this workshop we invite you to share with us, in a safe and sacred space, a remembrance of the original power, innocence and sacred nature of sexual energy.

This workshop offers a deep healing for the pain and trauma of the distortions of sexual energy, so that you can reclaim the energy of Sacred Union as it expresses in sexuality. When the alchemy of this energy is harnessed, it offers a healing and upliftment to your whole being and this healing creative energy can bless humanity, all life and the Earth.

We invite you to share with us the energy of this deep and enriching journey … a combination of dynamic processes, transmissions and Sacred Dispensations from the Family of Light to support the ignition of your inner liberation. We will safely guide you to the deepest recesses of your Being to illuminate the hidden treasures of your soul, promoting greater honesty, freedom and celebration.


  • DEEPEN your intimacy with the Divine, intimacy with your own core essence and intimacy with others.

  • LIBERATE the truth of your loving soul to heal the emotional, sexual and spiritual aspects of intimate relationship.

  • RECEIVE the blessing of the deepest love from within your inner Heart Temple.

  • ASSIST the Grids of Light to anchor on the Earth through group processes of planetary healing.

  • RECEIVE the support of Sacred Codes and vibrational essences, which activate the blueprints of wholeness encoded in your genetic structure.

‘True freedom lies in the deepest knowing that love is the core energy that directs all of our thoughts, feelings and actions. By dissolving all of the barriers to the truth of our essence, we are liberated into the deepest realization that the sheer dynamism of love, in all its forms, is the basis for our life on earth and beyond. Love, Light and Power are our birthright.’

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