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Using Essences in Pregnancy & Birth

Introducing Vibrational Essences for Reproductive Health, Conscious Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, Post Natal Care and Parenthood. 

The following 30 ml essences combinations offer healing and support for the mother, fathers and siblings for empowered birth, post natal care and parenting. They are also suitable for sensitive adults and children who may hold unresolved birth trauma which is still effecting their lives.

Kaliana Rose and the Rose of Raphael Vibrational essences

I commenced making the Rose of Raphael Vibrational Essences in 1989 and since then they have evolved to a system of healing comprised of over 140 essences, 4 sets of cards, books and 2 CD’s.

I first started making a series of flower essences and gem elixirs to support conscious birthing practices in 1990. I worked closely with a group of pregnant women and their partners, two midwifes and a birth assistant and I give thanks to those beautiful women and men and those wondrous babies who assisted me in my research on pregnancy, birth and post natal care.

A valuable assistance to my studies was also my own personal experience in birthing my own four children. Each pregnancy and birth taught me much and with each pregnancy I worked on more empowerment and conscious involvement. During my last pregnancy I went on a very deep inner journey to assist me to clear any issues that would prevent me from having a conscious and empowered birth. It was after this birth that I began to make flower essences to support others in this. The addition of the endocrine and hormonal essences working in conjunction with the flower and gem elixirs brings a wonderful support to assist in the balancing and re-connection of the chakra and endocrine systems.


The Heather Bruce and Kaliana Rose connection:

These combination essences to support conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting were commissioned by Heather Bruce to support her work in her private practice and clinic.

Heather and I met almost 20 years ago at a conference. We then co-facilitated a workshop on Women’s Health. As we saw how complimentary our individual work was we decided to collaborate and the essence combinations evolved from my range of vibrational essences to support the spiritual component of Heathers work with conscious pregnancy, birth and post natal care and reproductive Health.

Over the last few years Heather has used these essences with her clients in her clinic and the feedback from her patients is that they have been extraordinarily helpful.

To see more of Heather’s work and read about her wonderful new book and CD called ‘What Dad’s Can do’- visit her website:   I

How do vibrational essences work?

Vibrational essences made from flowers and crystals have been used successfully for healing since ancient times for the assistance that they offer. They are natural, non-invasive and safe.

Vibrational essences work directly to restore balance to the human energy system, which is comprised of the energy of Spirit flowing through the chakras and subtle bodies. Imbalances first appear in this energy system before they manifest as physical, emotional or mental symptoms.

As the energy system is restored to balance, with the assistance of vibrational essences, the body is assisted in its automatic process of self-healing.

The role of Essences in Pregnancy, Birth, Post Natal Care and Parenthood

The particular work of Flower essences during pregnancy and birth is to balance all other energy centres with the Heart Centre.

Love works on many levels and the essences can help to bring a balanced vibration into your being.

The vibration of the souls incarnating now is particularly one of love Essence. As the babies birth, the mother, father, siblings and others present who are willing to open up to this vibration are offered the opportunity to birth a more loving vibration within themselves and these combination essences also assist in this process.

The Combination Essences

Each individual essence in these combination essences have their own unique properties and are all working together in combination to support the desired outcome - which is the title of the combination essence. Each individual who takes the essence will draw out of each combination the properties most appropriate to them.

The essences used in these vibrational combinations have been chosen because their properties bring healing into the many issues that arise during the phases of post natal and ante natal care, conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

  • Release of limiting thought-forms held in the mental body as they arise into consciousness and naming them in order to release and transform them and open up to healing and truth again. “I release the belief that (name limiting belief)…..and I welcome in truth.

  • Expression and release of emotional residue and Trauma held in the physical and emotional body – through movement, shaking and sound.


A combination of 15 vibrational essences to support moving on after traumatic birth -renewal of energy and restoration of trust in life, creating protection through establishing healthy boundaries self love, honouring and respect for self and others.

The properties of this essence support you to move on, celebrating life through restoration of truth and trust. This can be assisted by:

Acceptance and resolution through seeing a bigger picture by reclaiming your own Power of Co-creation

Affirm: I am a creator I created this experience in order to learn and evolve…journal in response to these questions: what is the learning?…what did I heal through this?….what is the gift?


A combination of 7 flower essences to support you to stay present and at ease and celebration in times of transition when the old energy is still leaving and the new energy is still coming in. This essence can be used in birth at the time of Transition, assisting in letting go of the old and moving into the new experience with grace.

Available as dosage essence or a spray with essential oil of Rose Geranium.


‘Let your heart remember how a healed heart feels’

This 30ml essence has a combination of 16 vibrational essences made from flowers, crystals & endocrine codes, to nourish and support the Heart chakra to balance and heal. This can be used during the birth to support all involved to be in their hearts.

SACRED SPACE -   Inside ~ Outside - Atomiser Spray

This combination of 33 vibrational essences in pure water & colloidal silver with essential oils of Sandalwood, Rose & Lavender, brings a vibration of Love and Light to cleanse, clear and raise the energy of your self and your environment.


This combination of 6 vibrational essences supports the healing of unresolved wounds with the distorted masculine energy paving the way for a connection with the Sacred Masculine.

This combination essences supports men to access within themselves the positive masculine qualities so that they can be present and active in their role as partner, lover and co-parent.


This combination of 15 vibrational essences to nourish and support a healed and empowered sisterhood. This can support the mother to connect to the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.

The essences come from the ‘Rose of Raphael Vibrational Essences’ a range of over 140 essences made from flower essences, gem elixirs and essences made from codes which restore the spiritual purpose and energy of the endocrine glands and hormones.

Many birthing practices do not honour and respect the divinity and sensitivity of the soul being born and can close down the energy centres and subtle bodies of the infant.

The essence combinations can also be taken by adults or children who are holding unresolved issues from their own birth and conception, which may not have supported them to feel empowered and whole through maintaining a connection to the Truth of their Being.

As well as offering support to the expectant mother, father and siblings these essence combinations offer spiritual support to the highly evolved and sensitive children being born on to the earth at this time:

  • to adjust to, and integrate, being here on earth whilst maintaining an awareness of their wholeness and connection to their own Divinity

  • to sustain a connection to, and remembrance of, their Divine origin and blueprint, reminding them that they are one with, and rest eternally in, the heart of God


to balance the life force so that they can continue to draw nourishment from both Mother Earth and the Higher Dimensions to sustain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The Birthing Range



The 16 vibrational essences in this combination have been chosen because their healing properties support conscious conception and fertility through assisting in the transforming and clearing of energy blockages or beliefs, particularly in the sexual and reproductive system.

This combination can be taken by both men and women before conception so that their energy body is clear to welcome in consciously the soul incarnating through them.


The 12 vibrational essences in this combination have been chosen because their properties assist in the transforming and clearing of energy blockages or beliefs, particularly in the sexual and reproductive system – offering healing for sexual abuse through the transforming and releasing of anger, shame, or guilt. The purpose of this combination is to restore the innocence and celebration of sexual energy.


The 20 vibrational essences in this combination have been chosen because their properties assist in the transforming, healing and clearing of energy blockages or beliefs that occurred due to trauma from birth. - There are many degrees of birth trauma: for example caesarean birth, forceps, cord around neck, cord being cut too soon, separation from mother, not being treated with sensitivity and respect, discordant sound vibrations. The purpose of this essence combination is also to support an awareness of wholeness and connection to our own Divinity.This combination can also be of assistance to any adults or children who still hold unresolved birth trauma.


The 26 vibrational essences in this combination have been chosen because their properties assist in strengthening the auric field through a connection to Divine Source. The baby is supported to integrate being on earth whilst still nurtured by Spirit, through a conscious connection to the Higher Self.

The purpose of this combination is - to provide psychic protection for the sensitive soul of the newborn whilst adjusting to being “out in the world” – to balance the life force so that the baby can draw nourishment from both Mother Earth and the Higher Dimensions to sustain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This combination can also be taken by adults and children to bring in a connection to, and remembrance of, their Divine origin and blueprint, reminding them that they are one with, and rest eternally in, the heart of God.


A combination of 21 vibrational essences to bring comfort, and healing resolution for unresolved emotional issues from caesarian and disempowered birth. To optimise the effect of this essence it is important to consciously express and release unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs. This can be assisted by: Journaling - clearing birth – telling your story in order to contact, identify and understand your feelings.

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