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Workshop Types

WORKSHOP: Sound Healing Evening

Workshop Length: 1 Evening (2.5hrs)  Facilitators: Kaliana & Rama


In our Sacred Sound Healing Circle you are invited to relax, lie down and receive the sweetest infusions of the Celestial sound frequencies in the Universal Language of Light. Sung by Kaliana and Rama this is combined with the deep and powerful pulsing rhythm of Mother Gaia, gifted by Rama on the didgeridu. Through her voice Kaliana brings forth songs for your heart and soul, gifting the loving frequencies
from the Divine Mother and Angelic planes… through his voice and the didgeridoo, Rama brings forth the richest frequencies of the Sacred Masculine… to deeply nurture and touch your soul so you may know you are divine, loved and cherished.


As you are held within our circle of love and guided to enter your heart space, you receive vibrational essence sprays and flower and crystal energy pattern codes, which ignite the truth of your chakras, endocrine and hormonal system, creating balance and oneness for the physical body.


As the Sacred Sound transmissions flow from the Archangelic, Ascended Light and Galactic realms through our circle, they offer the deepest of peace, the deepest of heart presence, and invite unity through your soul, mind and body. These sacred songs are divine gifts, sourced from the Heart of God, that open the hearts of all souls to remember and experience their divinity. Through this joining of hearts in our circle of healing light, our transmissions radiate out into the field to bless the Earth and all Beings.

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