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Healing Light Sessions

Both Kaliana and Rama have facilitated healing and counselling sessions for
many years, nationally and internationally.


Kaliana brings 30 years experience to her healing sessions and has trained in
Inner Child Work and Breathwork, however most of her training has occurred
on the inner spiritual planes with the Angels and Ascended Beings of Light.
In her sessions Kaliana works in co-operation with the Angels, Families of
Light and Divine Mothers to create a loving, sacred and safe place in which
you are supported to bring into consciousness to release and transform any
unresolved energy that is blocking your life force, soul purpose and evolution.
She facilitates with the utmost care and loving compassion, incorporating in
her sessions sacred songs for the chakras and her range of vibrational
essences and codes.

Rama brings 46 years of experience to his healing work. He has trained as
an osteopath, somatic psychotherapist, rebirther, youth and relationship
counsellor. His soul-centred approach to all healing and counselling sessions
calls upon the assistance of the Angelic and Higher Light Beings to facilitate
the release and healing of energies that have inhibited our capacity to
embody our full Presence on Earth. His eldership, insight and compassion
guide all of his work.

Together they combine their energy and experience in sessions,
holding the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine for their clients to support
the experience of inner and outer union. They also facilitate relationship and
family counselling sessions.

Kaliana and Rama are available for private sessions, as either individual or relationship sessions.



  • $150 with Kaliana

  • $150  with Rama

  • $200 with Kaliana & Rama



  • $160 with Kaliana

  • $160 with Rama

  • $250 with Kaliana & Rama

* All prices are in Australian (AUD) Dollars

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