Magdalene. Code Journey - 13 week webinar course

Over a 13-week period women and men are warmly invited to join a deep inner initiation journey with the 22 Magdalene Codes of The Solar Christed Feminine.
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Magdalene. Code Journey - 13 week webinar course

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24 Jan, 7:00 pm
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7am – 9am AEST  (Sydney Australia Time)  



AUD $555 (in full) or AUD $590 (in instalments)


  • 13 x 2-hour Live webinars on Zoom.
  • Recordings of the 13 Webinars.  

A PACKAGE CONTAINING (postage included)

  •  The 22 Magdalene Codes and Manual
  •  The Christ Heart of Compassion Code

Over a 13-week period women and men are warmly invited to join a deep inner initiation journey with the 22 Magdalene Codes of The Solar Christed Feminine. Overlighted by the Divine Mother and Mary Magdalene, Kaliana has brought through this series of 22 golden multi-dimensional codes emanating from the 9th Dimension. These codes assist us to embody through our chakras and endocrine glands the highest energy and teachings of the Christed Feminine.

The way of the Divine Feminine is to nurture and share knowingness and wisdom. Your intention to heal invites the Divine Mother and Sisterhoods of Light to weave their magic of Grace around you.  

Supported by the phases of the Moon over the 13 weeks together you will:

  • Connect to Soul Family in the Starry portals to claim these codes, and embody them through your chakras, grounding them in the heart of Mother Earth.
  • Connect to the Sacred Wisdom Teachings of the Magdalene Lineage and experience the deep love of the Divine Mother and the Wisdom of her Grace, the Sophia.
  • Ignite the Magdalene Flame within to receive a depth of healing that supports you to heal and transform unresolved wounds held in your chakras, mental and emotional bodies.
  • Restore and activate the spiritual purpose of your endocrine glands and hormones to embody your Light and prepare you to receive the codes of the Sacred Feminine Sophia Christ Consciousness.
  • Discover the gifts that the Magdalene Lineage holds for you, activating your soul purpose through awakening and igniting the Christed Feminine within and your unique expression of this wisdom.
  • Restore the original innocence, purity and power of your sexuality.

You may ask – Why is Mary Magdalene important now and what does a connection to her mean in my life?  Mary Magdalene is a portal to the greater mysteries of the Inner Christos, the precious link between our spirituality and our sexuality. She represents the Divine Sophia Wisdom the Christed Feminine within us all, both men and women. As we heal together the primal wound of the suppression and denial of the feminine role in Christ Consciousness, long been denied in the Patriarchal age, we reclaim the legacy of the Magdalene lineage and our return to Innocence. It is through the re- instatement, respect and honouring of the Divine Feminine that we, each and every one of us, become living models of Christ Consciousness - Divine Love in Expression.

** If you already have the Magdalene Codes, please contact Kaliana for an adjusted price **

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  • Full Payment - ($555 total)
  • Instalment Plan - ($590 total)

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