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Magdalena Healing Balm

Anoint the chakras with this healing balm to nurture, balance and enliven your energy body! This balm serves two purposes - to nurture and heal with the love of the Divine mothers the wounds experienced by the feminine in the patriarchy, and also to bring into the chakras and endocrine glands the true wisdom and teachings of the Christed feminine through the Magdalene lineage.


Beautifully presented in a 50ml gold pot

Essential Oils: Ylang ylang, Neroli and Spikenard

Flower essences: Blood Lily, Green Goddess Lily, Bat Plant and Mary Magdalene Rose

Vibrational essences created from:

Magdalene codes of the Solar Christed Feminine and Endocrine gland codes

In a base of natural moisturizing cream and colloidal gold

Magdalena Healing Balm

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