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Soul Love - Workshop Package 1



The Magdalene & Jeshua Codes of Christ Consciousness.

By Kaliana Raphael Rose.


In the Magdalene Code set  of the Solar Christed Feminine there are 22 codes and manual. In the Jeshua code set of the Lunar Chrsited Masculine there are 18 codes and manual.


For the purpose of this course ‘Primal Healing’ facilitated by Aaron and Greer, you will only be working with the codes for the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakras, Magdalene codes and 3 Jeshua codes.

Supporting these codes is the Christ Heart of Compassion Code. This package also includes three 30ml chakra combination essences.


The  manual describes how to use the codes and has the information for each code which is an excerpt from the two manuals:


1.     The Magdalene Codes of The Solar Christed Feminine.

2.    The Jeshua codes of the Lunar Christed Masculine.


Wishing you all many blessings on your course with Aaron and Greer.


* Please note that on checkout you will also be charged $8 postage :)


Soul Love - Workshop Package 1

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