Rose of Raphael


They are both experienced facilitators and offer their individual workshops as well as co-facilitating their Sacred Union Workshop. Kaliana & Rama offer sessions ~ live and by Skype ~  for individuals, couples and families.

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Rose of Raphael offers workshops facilitated by Kaliana  Raphael Rose and Rama Raphael.
Nurture your self with Rose of Raphael  productsvibrational essences made from flowers, crystals and codes to balance the endocrine glands and hormones,  4 Sets of energy pattern cards, written information and affirmations for each essence, and sound vibration- a series of healing  songs and mantras that balance the 12 chakras. The Rose of Raphael healing system works on a deep cellular level effecting the whole individual, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

2. Combination Essences

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